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Get The Best Swamp Cooler Services in Aurora

The instant summer heat turns up our thermometers, our energy bills are bound to spike as well. However, there is a more economical alternative to the air conditioner, called a swamp cooler or evaporative cooler.

The way it works is that it uses the water vapor evaporated by dry heat, and the fan blows it into the room in which it is installed. Your home will feel nice and fresh for the season. If you're thinking of installing one, or having it fixed, M&M Handyman Services LLC provides the best swamp cooler services in Aurora.

This is a mechanism used by the ancient Egyptians, except rather than hanging damp towels over their doorways, this cooler makes the same process work at a more technological and efficient level. Our services include swamp cooler installation and repair; we ensure that every part of the swamp cooler is fit for use and inspect every piece of it. Our process includes checking:

  • The Motor
  • The Drain Plug for Leaks
  • The AC Outlet
  • The AC Wiring for Motor & Water Pump
  • The Spider
  • That The Water Flows Evenly
  • The Oil Bearing & Grease It
  • The Float Valve
  • The Rust Levels
  • The Water Lines For Leaks
  • The Water Pumps
  • The Water Pads (Recommended To Be Changed Every Year)
  • The Master Cooler Pads (Recommended To Be Changed Every 5 Years)
  • The Fan Belt Tension
  • The Belts for Cracks
  • The Water Tray Pan
  • The Float Arm
  • The Water Pads or Filters
  • Water Leaks

When you need a swamp cooler repair job, our highly experienced team will provide quick and efficient service. Contact us today if you need to have your swamp cooler checked.